Bryan Duncan



     When you support Bryan through any of the methods below, you're not just his buying music. You're investing in the lasting value of the songs and ministry that will come from our musical journey together and in the impact we can have together

     Here are some of the ways you can be become a "Sweet Friend Of Mine" (SFOM) when you encourage Bryan Duncan to continue in his calling. Each of these options offers exclusive content from Bryan and fun rewards for you. 

  1. Become A Sweet Friend Of Mine Patron: enable new songs, Christmas music, and other content. Help with as little as $1/month.
  2. Make A New Album Possible: Help Bryan produce and share a new album.
  3. Get Bryan's Albums And Support And Share Bryan's Videos: Get Bryan's current albums and explore, share, and support Bryan's videos.
  4. Host A Concert, Service, Or Event: invite Bryan to sing in your area.

     Bryan considers everyone who helps a SFOM. Your reward will include membership to his private forums for SFOM where he shares exclusive content and invitations to invitation-only events. Bryan expresses what your support means to him in this video.

     Here is a podcast on gratitude with Bryan Duncan's songs and reflections. This was created for Bryan's SFOM and he's since created another such podcast and other exclusive content for them.